art scanning

high resolution scanning

Our high-resolution flatbed scanner, scans artwork without touching the original, even if framed. The scanner travels over the artwork so the most valuable and delicate originals can be digitized while remaining completely untouched and protected. Digitizing art originals allows reprints with incredible clarity and accuracy. Color matching prints to the original is an absolute art. Not everyone is qualified to do this at a professional level. A&D has two full-time color correction specialists making sure all our customers are thrilled with the final product.

Fine Art digitizing

Our large format scanners are specifically designed for fine art scanning. These professional art scanners enable contact-free scanning of fine art. Our contact-free scanning protects each original from any possible damage. We scan oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, charcoal and pastel drawings, mixed media collages and antique works of art. A&D scans at high resolutions in sizes up to 36 x 60 inches and originals can be up to 8” thick. Museums and artists can digitize their own collection for sale as a print, publication on the internet, or in catalogs. Architects, engineers, and property owners can scan old drawings without risking further damage to the original drawings.


digital restoration

Our experienced staff handles all levels of digital restorations on important or aged documents of any kind. We do not restore the original document. We digitally repair the images bringing them back to beautiful condition even if it has been damaged by time, water, mold or other environmental conditions. We scan and then digitally restore the old documents and return them to you in an enhanced, digital format or in printed form. Don’t let valuable, important, or historic documents degrade any further.

archival scanning

Our team creates document imaging solutions designed to achieve short and long term objectives. We scan documents, photos, receipts, recipes, architectural drawings and more. We offer extensive document scanning expertise for architectural, engineering and construction drawings, maps, photographs, banners, original artwork, posters, land surveys, medical & dental clinics, and more. Archival scanning is used anywhere space is at a premium.


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